One of the cool things about renovating an older house are the surprises that get uncovered when things get ripped apart.  When the hinges for one of the doors were removed, a stack of folded papers were used as a shim.  The contractor left them for me and it turned out they were very old receipts from the original owners of the home.  They are all grocery receipts, from three different stores, and all between 1917 and 1929.  Two of the stores are within a couple of blocks of the house, but the other is pretty far away.  I find this fascinating, so I am going to go into some detail of each receipt.  I won’t be offended if you stop reading now.

W. H. Grimm
Groceries and Meats

The address listed is an empty lot just up the street from my house.  It is one of the small lots adjacent to the alley that faces north.  My house is actually on a “double” lot like this, my backyard being the same lot on my block.  I had assumed this location was similar, just a backyard to the adjacent house and then they had decided to sell it off, but maybe the original structure burned down or something. I wish I knew.

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This contains the oldest receipt of the bunch,  and there are two from this store.  One of the things I found interesting were the phone numbers on all of them.  They are listed as “PHONE YORK 179″ or “Phone Gallup 951″.  There is also advertising on the receipts. On the front it says “We Sell and Guarantee MEADOW GOLD BUTTER”.  There are similar ads on the back of the receipts as well.

S. Krautman
Grocery and Meat Market
Fruits and Vegetables

This location is just down the block from the other one.  There is a little convenience store that opens for limited hours to service Manual High School, and at first I thought this was the same location. But after looking at the address more closely, I think it is in the location that is now the Ford-Warren branch of the Denver Public Library.

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There were three receipts from this location, all dated 1920-something. The clerk was too lazy to fill out the last digit, so I don’t know the exact year.

S. Musick
Staple and Fancy Groceries
Choice Fresh and Cured Meats

This location is actually pretty far away, about 6.1 miles to be precise. The location is now a Freaky’s, which I find amusing. I wonder what the Musick family would have thought about their store becoming a head shop.

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It makes me wonder how these people got around. Looking at the line items, which are very hard to read, there doesn’t seem to be anything special there, so why go that far? The back of this receipt was blank.

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  1. Ellen

    I find all of this stuff fascinating. I love that you have a blog for the remodeling process and that we can all watch it happen. I hope you find lots of little treasures along the way and that the remodel goes smoothly.


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