I was feeling guilty about neglecting this blog, and then I realized that what I thought were the last 4 months had actually only been 2 months. Amy practically had to get out a calendar to convince me.  Enough of the cliche “Sorry for not updating my blog more” and onto the details.

I got a long weekend over the 4th and my dad made the drive out from Utah to help me with some projects.  He’s quite the workhorse, and it was nice to have him here to help kick me in the butt and get cracking on some dreaded projects.

The first thing we did was rip up the linoleum and the sub floor in the kitchen and the butler pantry to expose the original hardwoods.  The wood underneath was in pretty bad shape, so I ordered some inexpensive vinyl plank dark cork flooring.  It was only about $2/sq. ft., but it’s special order so I probably wont get it until late next week.  We are opting for something cheap because we expect to remodel the kitchen in the next couple of years, so we don’t want to waste our money putting in anything pricey.  Also, our refrigerator is enjoying a vacation in the family room while we wait for it to arrive.


After that little chore, we started painting the front of the house.  The painter did not include the original first floor windows and sills, or the sills on the porch in the scope of work, so we have do to that ourselves.  We got the porch repainted, including the two large windows there, as well as two windows on the side of the house and a tiny start on the large bay window.  That all took two solid days of work for two people.  I definitely underestimated the time requirement on that one.


In addition to those projects, we installed sod in the backyard, put in blinds in a few of the upstairs windows, hung curtain rods, filled 4 dumpsters full of weeds and demonic tree branches, oh, and we also unpacked. Did I mention that?


No wonder I’m so tired.

Oh, and last but not least, the one piece of decor that we managed to get up in the house so far. Amy found this super cool fabric bird mobile at the Horsehoe craft market on mothers day. Don’t let the name fool you, this is a wicked awesome hig end hand made market with all sorts of amazing stuff. The artist has an etsy store too, elevated scraps.

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